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Personal training is all about building a partnership between the client and the trainer. This partnership leads to a support system to guide the client to reach goals that may seem to be impossible to them.


At Cincy 360 Fitness, we will evaluate your individual needs and goals and create your personalized fitness program.  We will teach you proper exercise mechanics, provide nutritional guidance, and be your support system as you build a healthier lifestyle.


We promise to keep you accountable by assessing your progress on a regular basis to ensure that you are on the right path to achieve your goals. Results will happen if you put in the work. 

Call us at 513-271-1729 or email us at We never interrupt a client session to answer the phone, so please leave us a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.


Your first session will be about 60 minutes. In that hour, you will meet your trainer and discuss your health and wellness past, examine your current fitness level, and identify your goals. An InBody assessment will also occur, which you can find more information here.


You will complete and discuss the Program Design Questionnaire (PDQ), which allows your trainer to make sure our program matches your personality and lifestyle.


Your trainer will also go through a light strength and cardio workout during your first session, so please wear clothes you can exercise in.


Discussion topics include:

  • Expectations and goals

  • Previous injuries

  • Past weight loss and fitness experiences

  • Current medications

  • Physical limitations

  • Roadblocks or challenges

  • Fears and concerns


We also perform several measurements and assessments:

  • Weight and body fat analysis, including body measurements

  • Movement, flexibility and performance assessments to identify muscular imbalances, pain or discomfort

Set up a date and time for your initial consultation. 


We highly recommend purchasing the new client special of three sessions for $45. Your consultation is the first of the three sessions.


Cincy 360 Fitness offers flexible scheduling options to help you find a level of commitment that is realistic for your life.


If you bought the three sessions/$45 new client package, you can begin your program right away.


Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes. You and your trainer can determine the frequency of visits necessary to help you reach your goals.




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