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Alex's Success Story

I started my journey with Adam at Cincy 360 in May of 2016. I remember the first day: I was terrified. I was finally doing something that I had put off so long- I was asking for help. I went to the gym semi-regularly prior to starting personal training, but I didn't know what I should be doing. So when I started to see Adam on a weekly basis, I asked for an education so that I can take what I learn to the gym the rest of the week. Since then, I have lost almost 10% body fat and 18 pounds. What I have gained is an education on lifting, how my body works, confidence in myself, and a new community of people that wish to see me succeed in my journey to better myself. All the while, Adam has helped me find a balance and turn this change into a lifestyle. Working out is great, not having to give up stuffed crust pizza is better. 

Recently I started taking the class Cincy 360 with Jess. I was pretty nervous I would be left in the dust after the holidays, but after my first class I felt much more at ease. Each circuit you set your own pace, you push yourself, and you do as many as you can. There is no "do X amount and you can rest." It really helps you better your performance, and after two classes you can really see how quickly you increase your stamina and become stronger. 

I cannot recommend Cincy 360 enough. Make the decision, you will most definitely not regret it.

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