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Greg's Success Story

I have joined Cincy360fitness at the start of the New Year on a Groupon for the first month, for as many yoga and circuit classes as I can manage to do.  By February, I needed individual strength workout two days a week with Adam Neth to be in tune with the yoga and circuit classes. Each time I come to workout, my upper body was getting stronger overall.  Usually, my legs are strong since they move me but now I go as one unit that my upper body caught up.  Every time I workout with Adam I'm getting stronger to the next level in each exercise from squats, different presses and deadlifts.

I never experienced this in my life even when I at my prime as a distance runner.  I found out from the InBody assessment, that for a three month span I lost six percent body fat while going to Cincy360Fitness and working out with Adam Neth.  Now, I would like to lose more weight so I trying to run again for fun and gradually go at it slowly, safely, and so I can be injury free. I would like to finish a 5K race and stay fit for life while staying active officiating volleyball. 


If someone feels the same about being fit then Cincy360Fitness is a great place to have fun in the process in doing so.

I want to thank the team at Cincy360Fitness and Adam Neth for encouragement to learn and enjoy the journey.  I'm not done having fun with the workouts!

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