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Cindy's Success Story

My original goal working out with Josh was to overcome some joint pain and weakness due to a medicine I take to prevent estrogen production.  I still have those same goals, but have been able to go beyond that in becoming healthier and stronger.  I love having the feeling of having a “coach” to help achieve my fitness goals because I am not as confident about working out on my own.  I have lost about 25 pounds and lowered my percentage of body fat and have accepted that I would have to change my lifestyle of eating and working out to keep working in this direction.  Sometimes I struggle with my diet and moving in the right direction so Josh is there to give me advice and moral support as well as physical training.  I have been training with him for about two years and I am still amazed at how many new exercises I am learning.  I like changing it up and it keeps the training interesting and challenging!

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