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Megan's Success Story

Josh and I have been working together for a little over one year.  Originally, I started to get in shape before my wedding, but now I am totally addicted.  His experience and passion for his work really shows.  He has provided me with both diet and exercise advice to help me achieve my goals.  We have done many different types of workouts together, such as functional training, body-building style lifting, circuit training and intervals.  He knows when to push me forward in my workouts to keep my body challenged.  I can lift so much more weight than I ever thought was possible.  However, he is very focused on proper form so that I do not injure myself as I lift more weight.  I know that I couldn’t work this hard without him.  His style is very motivating.  He provides positive reinforcement, but is also honest when my diet or workouts are lacking.  This really helps to keep me on track.  I know that I have someone to be accountable to.  I have seen a real improvement in my strength and my body since we have working together.

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