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Want to burn upwards of 800 calories in a single workout?  Interested in meeting new people and having fun while you work out?  The Cincy Circuit may be for you!


Offered exclusively at Cincy 360 Fitness, the all new Cincy Circuit is designed to provide you a challenging group workout in a fun, upbeat, and motivating atmosphere.  In a Cincy Circuit class, you will participate in a circuit style workout that includes two phases: 

1) strength training and 2) tabata style cardio. The one-hour class leverages high-intensity interval training, helping you torch calories and build stamina while gaining long, lean muscle tissue.


Because life can be hectic, The Cincy Circuit is offered each day to fit conveniently into your busy schedule.  Appropriate for all fitness levels, the class also offers you a great way to meet people in the Cincy 360 Fitness community who are actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle!

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