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Chadwick's Success Story

My journey started way before I ever trained at Cincy 360 with Josh. I was stuck at a job that I was not the biggest fan of and also going to school for nursing which was fine but I was not super passionate about. My cousin was in the Air Force and got stationed in England. I looked at the cool things he was able to do and places he was able to go and I wanted it. I first called the recruiter and asked him what weight I needed to be at because I knew I was nowhere close to where I needed to be. He came back to me with 202 lbs as my maximum limit, also stating that I would need to be 5 pounds lighter than that for them to send me through the recruiting process so they would know for sure that I would make it. 


I first stepped on the scale that day at 286lbs, I'm not sure that I will ever forget that moment, it was the first time I had ever been the heavy and although I knew I was very overweight I never could really see how bad it actually was. So I started on this program that worked for a while and also had me working out 3-5 days a week which as the weight dropped I eventually just started doing more.


This is where 360 came into play, I was stuck on a plateau, I was so close to getting to that goal weight and was getting pretty down and I no longer knew how to reach it. I randomly walked into 360 because it was right by the BMV I used and that's really what peaked my interest. I decided after talking to give it a shot and it may have changed my life forever, I learned a lot, I worked out, Josh made it fun and we personable, it was only the second time I had ever worked with a personal trainer but the first time was not so fun. What Josh does as a trainer is something you just simply cannot get at a big gym, at a big gym you just tell them what you want to work on, they will work you through some workouts, maybe some nutritional advice but it is not very in depth, they don't measure you. They don't really go in depth to everything that you have going on in your life.


I did eventually get to join the Air Force and achieve something I once thought was just a dream. But the journey still does not end there. Fitness and Nutrition is now a passion of mine, the more things I was able to achieve with my body the more I realized it was something I loved. Being in Cincy 360 with the atmosphere and the interaction with the trainers to the clients was something I wanted. Not only was Josh and company able to help me achieve my goals as well as educate me, they helped me realized a new goal and a new dream that I want to achieve and am currently working toward. Even with me living in a different state far away, after reaching out to Josh he never once hesitated to help. He told me I could ask him questions and advice and he really is a great mentor for health and fitness. Again this is not something they teach you or something you can get from many other places or even people. Cincy 360 Fitness has literally changed my life. I am now at 185lbs for a total of 101 lbs of weight loss.


You can absolutely achieve whatever you want to if you work hard and get educated. If you do not know about fitness or nutrition, Cincy 360 Fitness is absolutely the place to go, you will not regret it. 

Thank you to Cincy 360 Fitness and Josh, you have changed and impacted me forever.


Chadwick Buttelwerth

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