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Cincy 360 Fitness Running Club

Cincy 360 is offering a running group that begins Saturday, January 27th to train for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. It is a 15 week program, meeting twice a week. This is a smaller running group that offers personal attention to all its members, making it the perfect group to first time runners. We separate ourselves from other groups by offering seminars on stretching, nutrition for runners, and cross training. Each run we will provide a map to ensure you know your way, along with water stops on the long routes.


The group is open to all skill levels and we will work on both speed and endurance. To join the group is $100 and will include an official Cincy 360 running club shirt! If interested in joining please join us on January 27th or the earliest day you can attend. We will meet Saturdays at 8:00 am and Wednesdays at 6:15pm at Cincy 360 Fitness. You can also contact us for more details at

We want to bring together the Cincy 360 community through the running club. There will be social activities as well to get to know one another better. We will finish the season off with a party at Cincy 360 after the race to celebrate all your accomplishments. The gym is on the route; friends and family can join us to cheer you on!

"I joined Cincy 360’s running group to train for the 2016 Queen Bee Half Marathon. I was a bit nervous as I haven’t ran in years. Occasionally, I would run on the treadmill at the gym, but nothing long distance. I am so thankful I joined this group. Jess was an amazing trainer and the amount of support I got from this running group was beyond what I could have ever expected. There were days, especially Saturday mornings when I didn’t want to get out of bed and go run. But, I knew I was being held accountable and I knew I couldn’t give up. Seeing myself progress throughout the weeks was a great feeling. When I finished the Queen Bee Half Marathon I proved to myself that all of my hard work paid off. I am looking forward to joining Cincy 360’s running group again to train for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. Thank you Jess, Cincy 360 staff, and my fellow running group buddies for supporting me along this journey and helping me achieve something I never thought I could do!"

- Terena

"The Queen Bee running club offered by Cincy 360 Fitness was fantastic. My husband and I signed up together as a way to stay fit. Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings worked well with our schedules. The training program fit both our needs. It allowed for me (an experienced runner) to decrease my time and allowed him (a new runner) to build from mile 0 up. You can tell that Jessica put a lot of time in thinking out the runs and speed interval trainings. The gym was extremely supportive offering water stops on our long runs and often times multiple trainers running with and encouraging us and making it fun. Plus they had an on course cheer station and after party! The sense of team and community in this group was awesome and it was great to see so many people complete their first half marathons! We will definitely be back for the Flying Pig group."


- Karen & Jon Wright

"I have never considered myself a runner, so it is with some amazement that I'm able to say I completed a half marathon! The process was challenging, but made easier (and even fun!) with the 360 Fitness running group.


We collectively cheered, supported and celebrated each new milestone. Though we had a few nerves as we stood at the start of the race, we all had new found confidence gained through training with this incredible group."



Running has been in my blood since I was on the track and cross country teams in high school, then I was a part of the track and cross country teams in college, and now most recently engaging in community races like the Flying Pig Half Marathon or the Heart Mini 15k. Despite having much knowledge and experience running, I found it extremely difficult to stay motivated to train for races on my own.


In an attempt to get back in running shape, I joined Cincy 360 Fitness Running Group lead by Jessica Reeb in the fall of 2016. This group was training for the Queen Bee Half Marathon. Even though I was not training for the race, it was great to be a part of a team, meet new people, and have someone hold me accountable to a running schedule. It was very exciting to help cheer and celebrate new runners improving during the training runs as well as have members of the group support my victories.


I jumped at the opportunity when I heard there was going to be a running group to train for Flying Pig Half this past spring. I really enjoyed being part of a “team” who ran and supported each other while working out. The Cincy 360 Running Group made it easy to get up on Saturday morning to run with friends and push myself harder than I would on my own for a workout day. Because of the structure, team relationships, and workouts of the running group, I ran a fantastic time for my half marathon, missing my best time by 2 seconds. Not only was the running group a great support for me, I truly enjoyed cheering on the other members of the group as they finished their races for the first time or finished with a new best time! Now that the group has ended, I have even started routinely running with a few of the members from the group on our own. The running group to me is more than just getting miles in, but it was about forming relationships and having a team to help accomplish my goals.

- Ashley Cox

Before joining this running group, the most running I had done was probably back in high school when you were forced to run for the national physical fitness tests.  I hated it and always found myself more as a ‘spectator’ than a participant when it came to anything that required physical activity.  Fast forward 15-20 years to early 2017 – I went into the year at my highest body fat percentage ever and knew something needed to change, because I was (and still am!) a picky and stubborn eater.


And so I joined the Cincy 360 running group as a last resort to lose body fat.  In the beginning, I was not a happy camper.  It was February – it was cold (and sometimes snowy) and I was consciously making an effort to wake up before the sun on Saturdaymornings to run with this group.  Looking back at the experience, I am so glad I pushed myself.


After a few weeks, the running just became a part of my life.  I stopped complaining and focused on results.  And milestones.  Milestones like watching my pace running up the hill to Alms Park decrease by over two minutes.  Milestones like watching our first group long run become our short run.  Milestones like running for two miles without stopping.  Milestones like watching my average pace drop from 15-minute miles to somewhere around the 12:30 mark.  Milestones like completing a half marathon (I call this my “Couch-to-21K” program).


I expected to perform better as the weeks went by.  What I was NOT expecting was forming new friendships.  People you were looking forward to seeing twice a week.  People who held you accountable for your actions.  People who cheered you on and high-fived you when you were the last person to finish the run for that day.  People who kept a similar pace and became your true running buddies.  People who are truly good.  These people mean the world to me.  And much of that goes to our leader, Jessica Reeb.  She was consistent, she held you accountable, she coached you, she cheered you on, and she ran every run with you.


This is what made the running group so special.  It was the camaraderie, but it was also about the results.  Remember in the beginning I told you I wanted to lose body fat?  I sure did – to the tune of 5 percent – and I gained muscle too!  But perhaps bigger than what I lost was truly what I gained – an experience with great people that I will never forget.

- Alissa Friedman

I have never been considered a runner ever in my life. I never thought that running a half marathon would be possible for me. When faced with the challenge of running the flying pig this year, I was determined to complete the challenge. I had a lot other life stressors going on with my grandma and school. I found running and training for the pig to be a release from the stress. It truly helped me clear my mind and made me a stronger person physically and mentally. Jessica was a great leader throughout the training experience. She understood my strengths and weaknesses and pushed me to stay committed. I reached my goal of finishing the race, and now I am looking forward to completing the Queen Bee this fall!


-Amanda M. Metz

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