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I've struggled with obesity for most of my life, since about 6 years old. I spent over a decade struggling with yo-yo dieting, a binge eating disorder and secret eating. In 2012 I made a New Years resolution to quit dieting and start making the best decision possible in every moment. Since then, I've lost over 100 pounds and have made some incredible accomplishments. The girl that avoided exercise at all costs has summited mountains, run half marathons and has become stronger than I could have ever imagined. This journey of mine not only changed my life, but made me realize my calling was to help others discover their best selves though health and fitness. So, I quit a 20 year career in radio, got multiple certifications including NASM-CPT and PN1 Nutrition Coaching - and here I am - excited to be your personal trainer at Cincy 360 Fitness! 

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